Thursday, December 14, 2017

GETAFIX is an acronym for 'Gaining Educational Training Analysis For Identifying Cross Border Systems'.

The requirement for this project arises because currently within the ‘Small Commercial Vessel’ (SCV) maritime sector of the EU, commercial skipper qualifications of one Member State are not recognised by the authorities of other Member States. This restricts mobility and employment opportunities.
The partnership brings together eight partners who are a mix of educational practitioners, institutions, SME's and non for profit organizations from six European countries. The partners offer relevant experience and expertise to the project and will be tasked to gather data of the regulations, training standards and qualifications from all 27 EU member States plus Turkey and Croatia.
A key objective is to establish the extent of the problem across Europe. The project will identify commonalities, country specific requirements and best practice within the various national authorities’ syllabi and regulations within the SCV sector of the EU.
These data will be processed and presented on this website to allow national syllabi and systems to be easily compared. Click 'Compare' menu above.

These comparison can be used to:

  • establish transparency and provide the necessary information to help maritime institutions and organisations to cooperate at an informal level;
  • achieve acceptance and recognition of professional maritime qualifications between EU Member States;
  • create better employment opportunities and enhanced mobility for both professionals and trainees within the marine sector of the EU; and
  • provide trainers and trainees with the necessary information to make informed decisions about their career paths.

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